Paragon has been a market leader in the delivery of risk consulting through alternate approaches throughout the past decade. In light of travel restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our virtual services to support our clients’ risk information and consulting needs.


  • Video & Phone Surveys: Key risk data is gathered without travel to the site.  An industry-specific questionnaire is shared with site management to submit along with photos and supporting documentation (inspection & testing records, management programs, etc.) prior to video/phone conference.  During the conference, Paragon works with the site team, often requesting additional information, to provide a more complete picture of risk quality and offer advice to prevent or reduce property and construction losses.  All information is presented in our resulting report, which is shared with the site team for confirmation.
  • Self-Surveys: Similar to the above but better suited for lower-hazard occupancies, our questionnaires are shared with site management via our on-line risk management tool.  This information gathering technique  provides flexibility and efficiencies for facility personnel. A summary report including key risk data and recommendations is provided.
  • Plan/Project Review: Our plan review process accesses a diverse range of engineering skills to evaluate potential new risks linked to planned changes and recommend subsequent loss control measures. Our reviews seek compliance with the applicable local standard, our clients’ best practices & specifications, and/or industry standards.
  • Policies & Procedures: Our engineers can develop and update management loss prevention programs to achieve consistency in the management of risk across an organization.  Typical programs requested include:
    • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment
    • Fire Protection Impairment Management
    • Hot Work
    • Emergency organizations and preparedness, including checklists for natural hazard risks
    • Management of Change
    • Facility and electrical system maintenance and inspections.
    • PSM and HazOps
    • Dust Hazard Analyses
  • Building Valuations: Replacement cost valuations completed by our engineers provide a sound basis for property underwriting.
  • Training: Our on-line training provides practical guidance and exercises on a wide-range of topics, from management program implementation to specific hazard risks to risk engineering basics, suitable for both underwriter trainees and clients.
  • Technical Bulletins: Keep your staff updated on evolving topics with our technical bulletins, prepared by our specific industry specialists.

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Virtual Risk Management