Emergency Organization

An Emergency Organization is one whose members carry out specific responsibilities before, during and after an emergency, and work as a team to minimize the potential loss to a business and site.

Inspection Testing Maint Fire Protection Equipment Frequency Matrix

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment.

Electric Fire Pump Inspection Checklist

All fire pumps should be run and tested weekly. During pump operation, record results for each weekly test in the appropriate column for all items listed.

Hot Work Permit Program

Hot work is defined as any operation that involves open flames or produces heat or sparks, e.g. cutting, grinding, brazing, soldering, welding, chipping, or hot riveting. Inadequately controlled hot work is a major cause of fire.

Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Test Procedures

The purpose of the weekly fire pump inspection and test is to ensure the fire pump is in an operating condition free of physical damage and is capable of providing continuous delivery for required fire protection demands.

Impairments to Fire Protection Equipment

Buildings and equipment are provided with fire protection and/or detection systems to reduce property damage and interruption to business in the event of fire. These systems must be in service at the outbreak of fire to operate effectively.

Diesel Fire Pump Inspection Checklist

Run fire pumps weekly and record results in the appropriate column. Promptly correct any deficiencies found.